Hi, I'm Kevin Galligan. I was a software developer for a few years, now I study coding theory. This is where I keep my software and writing.

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Infrequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact you?

I'd be happy to hear from you at galligankevinp@gmail.com.

Q: Does your stuff have a license?

All of the content on this site is under a CC BY-NC license. Basically, do what you want, but give me credit and don't try to sell it.

Q: What do you like to write about?

It's kinda difficult to summarise, so here are the tags I've used on my blog.

problem-solving (3) data (3) web (3) probability (3) programming (2) artsy (2) simulation (2) books (2) pop-culture (2) meta (1) vim (1) lisp (1) python (1) tutorial (1) rant (1) game-of-life (1)

Q: Why doesn't your blog have comments?

It's easier to maintain a static site. All I have to do is upload the files to GitHub Pages and they're magically available to the world. Some day, I might set up a server to host comments.

Q: What's the story with the icon?

I needed an icon and drew something vaguely inspired by the Game of Life. Here it is in action.

The site's icon, animated

Q: Which software do you use?

Linux Mint, Python, C/C++ (aspirational), Common Lisp, vim, Emacs, tmux, Firefox, Thunderbird (email, calendar, RSS).