Hi, I'm Kevin Galligan. This is where I keep my software and writing. I'm currently doing a PhD on error correction codes. Before that, I worked as a software developer at Amazon Web Services for almost 3 years.

Contact me at galligankevinp@gmail.com.

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Infrequently Asked Questions

Q: Does your stuff have a license?

All of the content on this site is under a CC BY-NC license. Basically, do what you want, but give me credit and don't try to sell it.

Q: What do you like to write about?

It's kinda difficult to summarise, so here are the tags I've used on my blog.

probability (6) programming (6) data (4) rant (3) simulation (3) problem-solving (3) web (3) artsy (2) books (2) pop-culture (2) meta (1) vim (1) lisp (1) python (1) tutorial (1) game-of-life (1)

Q: Why doesn't your blog have comments?

It's easier to maintain a static site. All I have to do is upload the files to GitHub Pages and they're magically available to the world. I might eventually set up a server to host comments.

Q: What's the story with the icon?

I needed an icon and drew something vaguely inspired by the Game of Life. This is what happens when you plug it into the Game of Life.

The site's icon, animated

Q: Which software do you use?

Linux Mint, Python, C/C++, Common Lisp, vim, Emacs, tmux, Firefox, Thunderbird (email, calendar, RSS).