Blog Posts (10 of 'em)


Can your granny beat Michael Jordan at basketball? A probabilistic answer
How often a better player of Around the World should beat a weaker player.

A short review of A Short History of Nearly Everything
My thoughts on Bill Bryson's popular science book.

Obese websites and planet-sized metronomes
A reflection on website obesity and my attempt to make a 981-byte metronome app.

Did the Beatles love "you"?
Overanalysing a claim that putting "you" in the first line of a song makes it better.

Counting the number of days until your birthday and why it's a useful programming trick
There's a formula for interval length that saves you from finger-counting.

Finding Mona Lisa in the Game of Life
Using a SAT solver to find Game of Life states that turn into pictures.


Random RGB values that average to N; or, Pointlessness and Probability
A simple-seeming problem is solved using tricky combinatorics.

Solving all 42 versions of the Harry Potter potions puzzle
Brute-force search is applied to a puzzle from Harry Potter.

The story of u/AnEmojipastaBot
A Reddit bot whose function was to turn comments into emojipasta.

Simulating plane designs for faster boarding
Moving entrances closer to the middle could make plane boarding faster.